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Confidence Coaching

Empowering you so that you can move through life with self-confidence and increased self-worth. Transforming your life from the inside out.

What I Can Help You With

Clarity and Direction

Help you get clarity and direction around your work and family.


Help you to explore, identify and pursue your passion.

Life Design

Help you to design the life you want to live.

Short/Long Term Goals

Help you get focused on your short term and long term goals.


Help you identify and move through your blocks.

Life Balance

Help you gain balance back into your life.

How Does It Work?

I’ve helped coaches become more empowered in their day to day activities as well as their relationships and career. There are two ways you can get started right now.

How To Get Started

Contact Form

I want to talk to you, and hear your story. Leave me a message through the contact form or email me at talk@annettetavitian.com.au.

Contact Through LinkedIn

I'm a LinkedIn Social Influencer. Reach out to me on Linkedin messages & let’s chat!

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Lovely Clients & Partners

My clients end up feeling empowered within themselves, and confident in the decisions they make. They are taken out of their comfort zone to create a lasting transformation. Some of my clients have even seen results within the first few sessions, however I personally guarantee that you will see results as we work together.

Annette is a very Authentic Coach who is Heart Centred and Genuinely cares about those around her. She is well liked and a leader within our Business Community. Annette is a Happy and Charismatic person who is Hard Working and Supportive of others. She has a passion to Coach natural and energy healers and alternative medicine practitioners. Annette is also an amazing powerhouse Mumpreneur. I highly recommend Annette for her services.

Lassie Zia
Lassie Zia International Business Community Leader

If you want someone who is going to push you past your limits, look no further! Annette is a brilliant and exceptional coach who has a driven attitude to see you succeed. I have had the pleasure with to get to know her and watch her grow into the person she is today. I highly recommend her for Mindset Coaching!

Anthony Pack Simplified Health Director

Annette is there for you when you need someone the most. She believes in you and is empathetic. Thank you Annette for your time.

Natasha Jansen
Natasha Jansen Empowerment Leadership Coach

Just by having a brief call with Annette, I gained so much clarity about myself and my inner strength, and with this self-awareness it drives me more to work harder in pursuing my long term goals. Thank you so much, Annette for that wonderful call. I am looking forward to us working together soon.

Krishna Mosot
Krishna Mosot Mental Health Advocate / Marketer

Annette is an amazing Success & Mindset Coach with a great passion for her work. I worked with Annette over a session and the insight which she imparted was amazing. She is very patient and has an amazing quality which many people lack: The ability to listen. Her responses are genuine and practical and she greatly motivated me to work on and take the next step forward in my career.

Manu Nicholas Jacob Path To 99 Percentile Founder

Annette is an incredible person with a great Love for people. Her self-sacrificing spirit, great passion and determination to support individuals is evident in the work she does and you cant help be drawn and uplifted by her positive attitude which is infectious. The time and effort Annette puts into you individually truly is an experience all should have the pleasure of experiencing.

Kareen Bennett Payroll/Expenses Administrator

Annette is a wonderful and passionate leader and coach. I have learnt a great deal working along with her. She has a wealth of knowledge and a very caring person. I recommend her work, you are in good hands.

Aish Moitra
Aish Moitra Holistic Wellness Coach

Annette Tavitian is a smart, savvy and brilliant Coach who cares about people and helping them win on every level! Amazing lady. LOVE HER WORK!

Edward Zia
Edward Zia International Master Coach & Speaker

Annette is a soft spoken and empathetic listener. She is enthusiastic to discuss about your life and figure out solution working with you to structure and work in an efficient process.

Twinkle T.
Twinkle T. Prione Business Services Sales Associate

I would like to formally recognise Annette Tavitian when I spoke to her in June 2020. I would recommend her skills to anyone who may be going through some difficulties in their life. At the time I spoke to Annette I was stressed, she made me feel at ease. Annette listens and cares, a great combination!

Sarah Cording Clinical Nurse Specialist

I reached out to Annette on LinkedIn after reading her Posts. Her posts are so motivational and with so much positivity, my heart was inclined to speak to her. She sent out her calendar and I could select my own convenient time. We jumped on a zoom call and it was wonderful experience. She is patient, listens to you and guides you. She just understands where you are stuck and will ask you questions that probably didn’t even struck you. Her methodology of asking questions, gets you thinking more and more and would want you to be a better version of yourself. She slowly pushes you out from your comfort zone and coaches you to unwind your mind. She will follow up to check on you and will just be there unconditionally like a true mentor. Thank you Annette for being such a wonderful coach !!!

Ritika Jagwani People & Culture Partner / HR

Had an amazing Discovery session with Annette. She helped me zone in on some of the things I want in life and think about how to get them and also remember some of the self work that needs to be done in order to reach my higher purpose. Overall an amazing session, thank you for your time Annette!

Oluwafunmi Shodunke
Oluwafunmi Shodunke PVH Corp Sales Associate

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Annette Tavitian a coach and mentor who is dedicated to helping individuals facing obstacles in life and building up your self-confidences. Individuals like me need to feel empowered within myself and gain confidence that in the decisions I make. She is an incredibly positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting and goal-oriented person. She is someone I look forward talking with with again soon!

Stephanie R.
Stephanie R. Human Resource

After working with Annette, I felt confident, inspired, and prepared to take the next steps in my career. She was very genuine and created an environment apt for meaningful disclosure. Annette's assessment and recommendations were targeted to my needs and increased my awareness of possible career options. She was keenly attentive and her feedback was constructive and reflected clearly what I needed to do to achieve professional advancement. I am definitely open to working with Annette again in the future as she demonstrated her ability to be effective in helping me shape my professional future.

Zoey Z. Francis English Language Assistant

Annette is a driven person who has the ability to make even Zoom calls feel personal. She is genuine in her caring for her clients and their goals from the very first Discovery call. If you are lucky enough to have her on your side, you will see significant improvements to yourself and dreams!

Sovi Herring
Sovi Herring Freelance Writer
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    I want to talk to you, and hear your story.

    Let's set up an initial 20 minute chat, to create a clear path for you to breakthrough your low self esteem and self worth and living the best version of yourself.

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